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is an acoustic, contemporary music trio consisting of Joao Grilo (Portugal), Richard Köster (Germany) and Jo David Meyer Lysne (Norway). The ensemble is based in Oslo.

The band members are strong independent voices within the scene of improvised music in Portugal, Germany and Scandinavia. Their music explores different ways to combine freely improvised music with composed music for both acoustic and electronic instruments.

Joao Grilo

Joao Grilo, born 1993 in Luxembourg, is a Portuguese piano player working on improvisation, contemporary music and prepared piano. In 2015 he graduated in Piano Jazz from the School of Music and Performing Arts in Porto (ESMAE) . At the end of the year 2015 he recorded his first CD (of original compositions), called ‚Como se chama o teu disco?’ He is now also a strong voice in Scandinavian scene after attending the NoCom-studies in Copenhagen – Gothenburg – Oslo.

Richard Köster

Richard Köster, born 1991 in Prien am Chiemsee, is a german trumpeter and composer, working in improvised music. Being part of the German National Youth Jazz Orchestra from 2014- 2016, he travelled to places like Ecuador, Italy and Gelsenchurch and played concerts with well known german and international artists like Götz Alsmann and John Hollenbeck.


Jo David Meyer Lysne

Jo David Meyer Lysne, born 1994 in Førde, is a Norwegian guitar player working on acoustic prepared guitar soundscaping. He has a strong voice within the Norwegian scene of improvised music, and has performed an premiered music in countries like Japan, Tanzania, Germany, Denmark, Sweeden and Norway. In 2017 he released his debut album «Meander» together with ECM-bass-player Mats Eilertsen.